Most Valuable Pets values Pet Responsibility

To reward Responsible Pet Owners we offer memberships to our Responsible Pet Owner Club.

Members receive a $25 Store credit towards any product or service of their choice. The credit never expires and can be used at any time.


  1. New pet owners who receive free spay/neuter from Woodstock Vet Clinic from Most Valuable Pets are not eligible to participate with that pet in this program
  2. Valid for any species spay/ neuter
  3. Valid if adopt directly from any rescue or any shelter that has already been spayed/neutered
  4. Valid for Pets purchased or adopted that the new owner paid for the pet to be spayed/ neutered
  5. Receipt brought in to verify adoption or surgery must have a value of $25 or greater to be valid
  6. Receipt must be dated within 12 calendar months
  7. Customer must be listed as owner of pet on invoice
  8. One invoice per pet